PT. National Sago Prima is a Producer of High Quality Sago Starch. The Company Has Total Concession 21.418 Ha. We Started Commissioning Our Firs Processing In Late December 2011

Jakarta 04 Mei 2016 - We developed sago as a potencial starch producing crop wich has been  regarded as indigenous and hidden tresure for Indonesian. We are comitted to sustainable develovement with serious attention on enviromental, economical and social espects. Using hight quality of sago logs produced from the continous improvement of cultivation and harvesting techniques, we had distributet our starch product to domestic and international markets.
Sago starch could be used as the main ingredient of food product. In non- food industries, it also can be utilized for textile paper, biodegradeble plastict, glucose syirup, and cry or liquid sugar. Together with high hygiene awareness and advanced processing technologi, we proudly presend the quality of our product.