Petronas New Indonesia Country Chairman Reiterates Commitment To Bussiness Objectives

Petronas Indonesia Office new Country Chairman, Mohammad Zaini Md Noor, met some members of the Indonesia Media during an engagement event held at a restaurant in Jakarta on 10 October 2016, as part of his engagement with key stakeholders in the country since his appointment.
Prior to assuming his new role, Mohammad Zaini was General Manager, Internasional Resorce Management, Petroleum Enginering Division, PETRONAS Kuala Lumpur. His Internasional Experience includes working in countries like Turkemenistan and sudan.
In his welcoming speech, Mohammad Zaini highlighted the recent signing of a Memorandum of corforation(MOC) with PT PERTAMINA (Persero) in July 2016, as a demonstration of PETRONAS' strong commitment to its business in Indonesia.
"As the operator of two or the larges producing fields in Indonesia, namely Bukit Tua and Kepodang, we are proud of what we have achieved, and we hope that we can continue to deliver on the production goals set by Goverment", said Mohammad Zaini. In 2015 PETRONAS also signed two exploration production Saring Contracts (PSCS) for North Madura II working area, where PETRONAS is the oprater and Kuala Kurun Working Area, where PETRONAS is coorprating with conoco Philips.
PETRONAS continue to contribute to its corporate Social Invesment in Indonesia. A total of 76 scholarships have been awarded to outstanding Indonesian students to further their studies in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) , in addition to its Comunity Empowerment progremes aimed at socio- economic development in East and Central Java, " Added Zaini.
Since venturing into Indonesia's upstrem bussines sector in 2000, PETRONAS now holds participating interests in 9 prodoction Sharing Contracts (PSC) and operatorship of 4 oil and gas block. Its downstream presence is represented by its subsidiares, PETRONAS Niaga Indonesia (PNI), PETRONAS Chemical Marketing (PCM), and PETRONAS Lubricant Indonesia (PLI).